About the Forum

Mission statement

To enhance knowledge and communication on companion animal vector-borne diseases
for the improvement of animal, human, and environmental health

through multidisciplinary scientific collaboration that advances awareness and informs
veterinarians, other medical professionals, and the broader society.


The CVBD World Forum is a working group of leading experts in natural sciences, veterinary and human medicine from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and South Africa. It has been founded during the 1st International CVBD Symposium in April 2006 in Billesley, UK, as a consequence of the increasing global threats of companion vector-borne diseases (CVBDs).
The main goal of the CVBD World Forum is to exchange knowledge and findings about ectoparasite-pathogen-host interaction as well as characterisation and assessment of pathogen and vector distribution in order to increase awareness for the specific regional risks of CVBDs and to foster preventative measures.

The CVBD World Forum is supported by Bayer Animal Health GmbH, an Elanco Animal Health Company, a specialist in the field of parasite prevention.


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