The CVBD World Forum Calendar

The 2019 CVBD World Forum desktop calendar was developed for the veterinary practice and is full of entertaining and insightful facts. 


The CVBD members have collaborated to provide interesting information for each calendar day. This may be a memorable snippet of information about a vector-borne disease to inform and share with clients, an entertaining historical fact or a link to further information and websites.

In providing short and engaging information in an easily accessible way, we hope this calendar will be an entertaining, educational and meaningful tool for veterinarians. 



Download the calendar below:

CVBD World Forum Calendar



The CVBD Occurence World Map presents country-specific situations based on current scientific knowledge and feed-back from experts around the world in an easy-to-grasped way.


Blood-feeding ectoparasites such as ticks, fleas, sand flies and mosquitoes can transmit many dangerous pathogens– such as bacteria, protozoa, viruses or helminths - to dogs and cats. They may lead to a variety of serious infections, grouped and labeled by their vectors: tick-borne diseases, flea-borne diseases, sand fly-borne diseases and mosquito-borne diseases to name a few.

CVBD World Forum

The CVBD World Forum is a working group of leading international experts with the mission to enhance knowledge and communication on companion animal vector-borne diseases for the improvement of animal, human, and environmental health.